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    Buy high quality products at cheap prices.

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    Better weak-light power generation performance.

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    Automatic production line and Leading photovoltaic technology.

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    High quality silicon wafer guarantee,high power component output and excellent cost performance advantage are ideal for customers.


New Products

  • GJS-M530W


    3.2mm High transmittance coating Tempered glass

  • GJS-M450W


    Half a battery piece of 144 tablets quality solar panel

  • GJS-M300W


    60cells 158.75MM with MC4 adapter

  • GJS-M190W


    36cells 157.75MM with 17.38% transfer efficiency

  • GJS-P330W


    72cells 158.75MM with size:1955*992*35/40



    72 cells 158.75MM black photovoltaic panel

  • GJS-P280W


    60 cells 157.75MM and 3.2mm high transmittance coating tempered glass

  • GJS-P165W


    36cells 157.75MM and PV special cable

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Our Technology

  • We choose high-quality silicon wafers. The automatic production line enables us to have advanced battery non-destructive slicing technology, welding technology and battery laying technology, and strict quality control makes our product qualification rate reach 100%

Our Blog

  • China to dominate 95% of solar panel supply chain 

    China currently manufactures and supplies more than 80 per cent of the globe’s solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, a new report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) has said. Based on the current expansion plans, China will be responsible for 95 per cent of the entire manufacturing process by 202...

  • Battery prices have been cut down recently

    The world is all for profit; the world is bustling, all for profit.” On the one hand, solar energy is inexhaustible.On the other hand, the solar power generation process is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.So, photovoltaic power generation is one of the ideal ways of power generation...

  • The raw materials for the solar panels fell

    After three consecutive weeks of stability, the price of silicon material showed the biggest decline in the year, the price of single crystal compound injection and single crystal dense material fell more than 3% month on month, and the downstream installed demand is expected to increase! Afte...

  • Our 4MW solar system just installed

    Our city for municipal construction, the government has just purchased our company 4MW solar system to charge buses on city road on 6th,December. The off-grid solar power system uses solar panels to convert solar energy to electricity with light, supply the load through the solar charge and di...

  • Inverter just now made by the company

    Inverter, also known as the power regulator, power regulator, is an essential part of the photovoltaic system.The most important function of the photovoltaic inverter is to convert the DC power generated by the solar panel into the AC power used by the home appliances. All the electricity genera...